I Voted on the First Day of Early Voting in Nashville. Even the Weather has Been Nice

This is a photo of my bike and me voting in 2015

I voted last Wednesday, October 14, at the Green Hills Branch of the Nashville Library, the 2017 National Gale/LJ Library of the Year

(I threw in that last part because it truly is a most remarkable library — but may be yet another tragic victim of Coved-19 (A topic for later.) (Note: In addition to services available online, the library branches are offering curbside service, as well.) (Info)

Typically, I vote early on any election.

And I’m always impressed with how well-run the voting process is run.

It took me an hour and a half to stand in line and vote. The library has not been open for monthsIt has never taken me an hour and a half to vote. But I would have been glad to spend all day there.

It may be a cliche, but this is the most important election in your lifetime.

Here are all of the early voting locations in Davidson County, which, by the way, also goes by the name, Nashville. And it also goes by the name “Metro Nashville.” And all merged together, the city and county are officially named Metropolitan Government of Nashville?Davidson County.

The following prediction isn’t much of a prediction: Vice President Biden will win rhw Metro Nashville Davidson County vote. But it’s not much of a prediction because Nashville is an island of blue in a red sea.