All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update page

    All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1: On Sept. 5, 2006, I posted a list of Apple rumors that should last you a while.

    On September 12, a few of those rumors turned into announcements (via engadget). Below, I have a strike through version of my original list.

    1. Movies via the iTunes store. [Announced 9.12.06]
    2. A “Video Airport Express” that allows you to stream video from your computer wirelessly to your TV. [Announced 9.12.06 as the ‘iTV’ (but name will change, said Jobs), launches in 2007] [AppleTV for sale beginning 1.09.2007 for February availability.]
    3. A device that is sort of like an 8″x10″ iPod that does everything a computer does but it won’t be called a tablet computer or an iPod. [Apple launches iPad, 1/27/2010]
    4. An iSight/iChat hardware-software combo that works on Windows machines (like when the iPod became available for Windows).
    5. Wireless iPod. (wifi/bluetooth enabled) [Announced 1.9.2007]
    6. Wireless iSight (hardware).
    7. A wide range of wireless iSight cameras that allow you to automatically beam video to your iPod memory, computer or to stream live online — all with drop-dead simplicity.
    8. Devices you place on shelves and hang on walls at home to replace anything you might think of as a “home entertainment center.” (Like this without “the computer.”)
    9. Something like the following: A Mighty Mouse-like device that is the computer and works wirelessly with a tiny laser projector or some glasses/earphone device.
    10. Newer and newer computers for designers and engineers and video/audio creators and editors and servers that are faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper. (The speed/cost lowers, but the box pricetags stay around the same for top-of-the-line equipment.)
    11. A laptop computer that won’t burn a hole in your lap. [January 23, 2008, in Steve Levy’s Newsweek magazine review of the MacBook Air, he wrote: “It’s actually possible to work for an hour with the device on your lap without the feeling that your fertility is at stake.”]
    12. That Steve Jobs is retiring [Announced: August 24, 2011.].
    13. That in honor of his retirement, Apple is coming out with a flying car.
    14. That they’re coming out with a computer that really doesn’t crash.
    15. (The perpetual rumor) An iPod cell-phone. (I still haven’t figured out why there should ever be one.) [Announced: 1.09.2007]

    Bonus link: has humorous tool called, “Create your own apple rumor.”