More on WSM’s ridiculous consideration of changing its format. Or perhaps it’s more apt to point fingers at the Gaylord brass for floating the idea. The move makes me think of David Letterman’s constant put-downs of company executives at CBS. For those interested, there’s an online petition against the format change…although the petitioners are addressing Clear Channel, not Gaylord. WSIX’s Gerry House this morning was extrememly funny in calling for the owners of his competition to yank it off the air.

The world’s oldest man died.

Todde, who lived on a simple diet of pasta, vegetable soup and the occasional steak, had said that the secret to his longevity was the odd tipple.

“Just love your brother and drink a good glass of red wine every day,” he was quoted as saying when he celebrated his birthday last year.”

You would have to go back to the introduction of New Coke to find as riduculous a marketing decision as the one being considered by Gaylord Entertainment executives to “change the format” of WSM Radio. The station, home to Gaylord’s core brand, the Grand Ole Opry, is the 75-year-old mother-station of country music. If Gaylord gives up on country music as a viable music format, how can they seriously invite guests to their Opryland Hotel, a property built on the popularity of the genre? Where’s the outrage?