Bicycle route from Nashville International Airport (BNA) to the Northern Terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway using Greenways and Bikeways

If you are planning a self-guided bicycle tour of the 400+ mile Natchez Trace Parkway and are considering starting your ride straight off the plane, you may want to use the route I’ve created using Google Maps and have embedded below.

While Google Maps provides two other bicycle routes that have less miles, the alternative map I’ve created provides a more scenic and low-traffic ride (except for the first five miles). I especially recommend this route if you have never been to Nashville as it provides a chance to see some photo-worthy landmarks on your ride to the Parkway. In addition to the route itself, I’ve highlighted some of these famous places, including the Country Music Hall of Fame, Music Row, Vanderbilt University and The Parthenon.

If you are a history buff and your study of the Natchez Trace has peaked your interest in Andrew Jackson, I strongly suggest planning an extra few hours to ride to and tour his home, The Hermitage — a short detour ride from the mapped route.

Indeed, if you visit the Hermitage, you should consider it your start of the Natchez Trace Parkway tour. Why? During the bi-centennial of the War of 1812, your journey from The Hermitage to Natchez will be, more or less, along the same route Jackson led his Volunteers on their way to New Orleans and into history books.

I will be updating this map as suggestions come my way. Please let me know if you have something to add:

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