In-House Content vs. Out-House Content

TweetWhenever you start reading analysis by an expert consultant who thinks a company like Pepsi is smart to create an in-house content (or other creative execution) agency for whatever reason, get ready for a trainwreck. Pepsi’s in-house content people blew it. However, an agency could have, as easily, blown it. But here’s how it should […]

Why Customers Are Willing to Pay Not to See Your Ads

Tweet The current Hammock Idea Email explains how and why ad-blocking isn’t just a browser plug-in hack. Blocking ads is also a multi-billion dollar business. It’s based on the notion that advertising doesn’t always need to be at the transaction intersection when dollars are exchanged for content. Oftentimes, customers become so overwhelmed by the crush of […]

Why People Block Ads

Tweet People don’t hate good advertising that helps them discover new things, become better at things, provides them with insight and awareness, fuels their passion. What they hate is intrusive, repetitive, uninteresting, stupid and irrelevant advertising. The promise since day one of the internet has been that big data was going to turn online advertising […]

Advice to web advertisers: Dial back the retargeting

TweetA few months ago, I posted an explanation of what advertising retargeting is. In it, I wrote: Say, you have an interest in bicycling and you spend a few minutes on a Saturday morning visiting some online retailers to see what they have related to something you’re thinking about getting. Later, you notice that everywhere […]