PacMan Eats Up Amazon’s Home Page

TweetEarlier this year, I noted a new design of that supports “takeover” ads. These are not pop-over or pop-up ads that you can click an “x” to remove. These are ads that are actually a part of the background or are, in some graphical and often animated way, an actual element of the page. Today, I […]

Amazon Dash: Reinventing the Cuecat, 2014

TweetStarting over ten years ago, a long-running joke on this blog has been my fascination with (and mockery of) the recurring need inventors (including those who work for huge technology companies) have to re-invent the Cuecat. For those who don’t recognize the term Cuecat as the punchline of a joke, I suggest a rapid glance […]

No Virginia, Amazon and UPS aren’t real

Tweet(Context.) I remember it was back on Christmas Eve of 2013. My son and I were outside at 7:59 P.M. looking anxiously for the UPS truck to arrive with a Red Ryder BB gun we’d ordered on We were there at 7:59 P.M. because Amazon had told us we’d have “guaranteed delivery” by Christmas […]

Maybe if we were Zappos, this story would have a more inspiring ending

TweetWhen it comes to customer service mythology, no one beats Zappos.* For example, a Zappo’s customer service person once stayed on the phone with a customer for ten hours, even though the caller was more interested in what it’s like to live in Las Vegas than in purchasing shoes. There will be no such luck for […]