Google Adwords launches content marketing B-to-B effort aimed at advertising community

Tweet While the Google Adwords marketing team did not label it “content marketing” in announcing it, their new advertising industry news aggregation service called “Ad News” is a great example of what content marketing is all about: Marketing directly to your customer, by-passing any third-party media, by providing content that is compelling and engaging and […]

This chart doesn’t fit into the current narrative

Friday Afternoon Pondering: is the source of the chart above that ranks the top performing publications (as measured by the number of pages of advertising) during the past quarter in the business-to-business vertical of marketing. … I can guess the theories: (A) Media companies are advertising aggressively because they have so much unsold inventory, (B) media companies are launching new properties and thus are buying more ads to promote them, (C) media companies are aggressively pushing the message that advertising in a recession is the mark of a savvy marketer, (D) none of the above, (E) all of the above.

I’m confused. Is it the dawn of a new mass medium? Or death?

Earlier this week , Russell Beattie, in announcing he’s pulling the plug on his year-old startup, Mowser , that provides web publishers the ability to easily publish a light-weight versions of websites for mobile device web browser, declared, “I think anyone currently developing sites using XHTML-MP markup, no Javascript, geared towards cellular connections and two inch screens are simply wasting their time, and I’m tired of wasting my time, and went on to say: “The argument up to now has been simply that there are roughly 3 billion phones out there, and that when these phones get on the Internet, their vast numbers will outweigh PCs and tilt the market towards mobile as the primary web device. … Let’s face it, you really aren’t going to spend any real time or effort browsing the web on your mobile phone unless you’re using Opera Mini, or have a smart phone with a decent browser – as any other option is a waste of time, effort and money.

PaidContent vs. TechCrunch? Why the “vs.”?

TweetWhy is there a “vs.” between the names of the two companies in this headline? PaidContent vs. TechCrunch: Two Visions of Blogging’s Future. Remind me in what way the two companies compete? Advertising? Readers? Their vision? Huh? They don’t even cover the same industries or markets — so in what way do they compete again? […]

Using Flickr to archive Internet ephemera

TweetEarlier tonight, I was curious how different business news websites were covering the breaking story of the JPMorgan Chase acquisition of Bear Stearns. As there are now plenty of heavily-staffed business news websites that represent traditional magazine and newspaper companies, I thought it would be interesting to compare how quickly they each jumped on the […]