Embedded Photography from Getty (Free to Use)

TweetI’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a great source of photography if you have a non-commercial blog or website. GettyImages will allow you to embed their photos on your site. It’s like YouTube for photography. Here’s how it works. Here’s how it looks: (Update: For some reason, it’s not working in Chrome according to one […]

The Best Thing About Blogging

TweetThere are many great things about having a personal blog and consistently posting to it. And none of the great things are about trying to be a “thought leader” or personal brand. After blogging (more-or-less consistently) for 17 years, I’ve discovered that much of what I write is like jotting down a note to the […]

Three things I’ve learned from blogging for the past 15 years

TweetThese things also come from just being around for a lot longer than 15 years. I post them today after seeing reports of a controversy that is strange, only because it’s in Nashville, my home for the past four decades. Dueling tech conference organizers are quite common in other places. While I am not attending […]

David Carr, Appreciation from a Blogger and Fan

It was not until 2009, however, when I read his memoir, The Night of the Gun, that I began to understand and appreciate Carr for more than his gifts as a reporter and columnist. It’s amazing how much can be revealed about a person’s humanity in a memoir about hitting rock-bottom from crack addiction.