Review – The Circle by Dave Eggers

TweetI mostly enjoyed reading Dave Eggers’ current novel, The Circle, in the same way I mostly enjoyed William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition when it came out a decade ago. Both novels follow numerous science-fiction conventions, but neither can be described as purely in the sci-fi genre, as neither are (or, in Pattern Recognition‘s case, was) set […]

Anticipate what customers will think, before they think it

TweetWe learned this morning that Ray Bradbury, one of the most prolific and influential writers (I didn’t use the term “science fiction” purposefully) of the past century, passed away yesterday at the age of 91. It is now about 1 p.m. CDT and news about his death appears on the front of most of the […]

Rethinking the role of cover when the book is digital

TweetCraig Mod has written an insightful essay on the role of “book cover” when applied to ebooks. [Read it here.] Think about it: The cover serves a critical marketing purpose for physical books. However, online, ebook covers are typically displayed in thumbnail size. Moreover, the type of text-based information you find on a physical book […]

How to make sure I drop everything and blog about your new book

TweetAs one of the 12 readers of this blog, your attention is so coveted by marketers and authors, rarely a day goes by without me receiving some type of pitch to write for you a blog post about something the pitcher apparently thinks that I “cover” and about which they know you are interested. It’s […]

Should readers of ebooks be taxed to subsidize stores that sell printed books?

TweetOkay here’s an easy question to answer: Should readers of ebooks be charged a fee that would go into a fund to subsidize bookstores that sell print books? I hope that it’s obvious to you the answer is “hell no.” But when I read the discussion that took place over the weekend at between […]