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On February 11, the sports radio and ESPN guy Jim Rome started interviewing guests named Rex everyday on his show. He says he didn’t realize it was a streak until he received a text message on day three. Last week, on March 11, when he hit the 20th Rex, an astronaut named Rex Walheim, he declared the streak over. Because Jim Rome has such a loyal following, there’s a list of all the Rexes he interviewed.

Rex Chapman: Denver Nuggets VP of player personnel, played 12 years in the NBA

Rex Ryan: New York Jets head coach

Rex Hudler: played 13 years of Major League Baseball

Rex Walters: former University of Kansas basketball player, current University of San Francisco men’s basketball coach

Rex Lee: actor appearing on HBO’s Entourage

Rex Peters: UC-Davis head baseball coach

Rex Hoggard: journalist

Rex Kalamian: Sacramento Kings assistant coach

Rex Richards: MMA fighter former Indianapolis Colts guard

Rex Tucker: former Chicago Bears guard

Rex Ecarma: University of Louisvillemen’s tennis coach

Rex Hadnot: Cleveland Browns guard

Rex Morgan: high school basketball coach; former Boston Celtics guard

Rex Grossman: former Chicago Bears quarterback: currently a free agent

Rex Hughes: Cerritos College assistant coach and former Kent State and Sacramento Kings head coach

Rex Kern: former Ohio State NFL quarterback and 2007 College Football Hall of Fame inductee

Rex Brown: former Pantera bassist; currently with the band, Down.

Rex Norris: Toronto Argonauts defensive line coach

Rex Kendle: Michigan State wrestler

Rex Walheim: NASA astronaut

Sidenote: I failed to run into blogger/hipster Rex Sorgatz at SXSW and so therefore did *not* get one of our Rexes in Texas photos like these from 2005 and 2007.

A new product from the Rex Jr collection

Note: I have no connection whatsoever with the item I’m writing about in this post. (Since lots of people only read the first sentence of blog posts, I had to get that out of the way.)

Other than this blog, I have never used my first name on a product. However, my friend Rex Sorgatz and I enjoy sharing with one-another amusing sightings of what we call “Brand Rex” items. One day, I’ll fill out this Flickr set I call the Rex Museum with all the links to hotels, bars, theaters, wines, beers and an endless list of other products that have carried the Rex brand. (Rex Beans in the movie Tommy, being my personal favorite.) However, I thought this new addition to the Brand Rex empire was clever and maybe even helpful to some parents of young children out there. Using Google custom search, these folks have set up something called

[Thanks: Laura Creekmore.]

Why my blog won’t be changing its URL

Tomorrow (Friday, April 27), whoever owns the URL will be selling it for at least $395,000 . There are plenty of potential buyers as several companies around the world have that name: an airlines , a healthcare company , a chain of appliance stores , a photo agency , bars, wine and another wine , hotels , lard, I could go on. I placed a $500 bid on it a few years ago, so I guess that’s why I received an email letting me know about the auction. I won’t be placing a bid as it is $394,500 over my budget.

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