When disaster strikes “someplace else,” first send money (continued)

TweetIt is with deep grief that we learn of the magnitude of the loss of life caused by yesterday’s tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. That so many of the victims were children is especially sad. Parents, especially, know it is the realization of that which we fear the most. Below is a re-posting of a blog […]

When disaster strikes “someplace else,” first send money

TweetOver the years, I have written about many natural disasters and the human toll they’ve taken. I believe social media, writ large, make such events more personal to us all — a shared phenomena, even for those of us not on the scene. When we start to see the images of these disasters, our first […]

Why the White House situation room photo is so powerful

Tweet [Last update: 5/5/2011, 12:11 pm, CST] [Update: 7/28/2016, fixed some broken links] [This is a post about why photography is a unique and powerful medium, even in an era when I spend a lot of time preaching to people that learning to edit video on the fly is a required skill anyone who communicates […]

What ‘Second coming type’ looks like on a website front page

TweetOn the walls of most newspaper newsrooms I’ve visited over the years, there are displayed some framed front pages of issues reporting historic events. The term “second-coming type” is the phrase I’ve heard to describe the screaming headlines that dominate these framed mementos. (The Newseum.org website has a gallery each day of newspaper front pages.) […]