Why real people hate big corporations

TweetI wish there were some magic pixie dust, let’s call it, say, “social media,” that big companies could sprinkle over themselves so that, suddenly, they would be loved by their customers. However, I spent a few hours on Saturday  frustrated with a giant corporation who has an awarding-winning, best practices, does-every-possible-social-media-approach. But I still hate […]

How many curators does it take to curate a story about lightbulbs?

Tweet The concept of media curation has been around a long time. How long? Well, I can at least date it back to August of 2007, as that’s when I registered the domain CurationMedia.com, an address that re-directs to Hammock.com. But somewhere along the way, the inherently-confusing metaphor of “curation” being applied to content on […]

Five Reasons Domains Are Still Important

Tweet This post, including the title, is my reaction to a blog post from Evan Williams, titled, Five Reasons Domains Are Getting Less Important. Ironically, I agree with everything he writes, except one: the title. So this isn’t a negative reaction, or even a disagreement with what he writes. Just that title. He should have […]