Suggestion: Step back from the Pinterest hyperbole, my friends

TweetI know it will be hard for some readers of this blog, but imagine you haven’t read anything about Pinterest during the past few weeks. Pretend you didn’t know it raised $27 million or that it was “white hot” from catching fire. Forget that you’ve been told that it’s a web platform that’s used primarily […]

Scott Adams on IP theft: “It feels like a compliment”

TweetRecently on Twitter, I confessed a personal concern with my growing realization that the only economist who makes any sense to me is not actually an economist, but is Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip. I’ve never been much of a reader of newspaper comics (even those online), so I’ve never been much […]

The frightening future of the entertainment industry

TweetIn light of last week’s posts  about the entertainment industry’s effort to enact the legislation called SOPA (here and here), I saw a couple of items early this morning that reminded me that much of the reason that industry wants to out-legislate what it can’t out-innovate is the frightening future they face. And I’m not referring to […]