My Favorite Coronavirus Story

I hope this is true. Crain’s New York and other are reporting that the coronavirus pandemic is having a side benefit that I find wonderful (if true). All the dogs and cats in New York and the NYC area have been adopted.

via: Crain’s New York | “Of all the shortages created by the coronavirus pandemic—the toilet paper and the hand sanitizer and the bottled water—the oddest of them all has to be dogs. Oh, and cats too. That’s right, in the New York city area, the epicenter of the disease, there is suddenly a run on pets. At least of the adopted or fostered kind. Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are reporting shelters they work with are either all out of or almost out of cats and dogs after a surge in applications of as much as 10-fold in the past two weeks.

I will say emphatically that having our dog at our feet all day brings some comfort to me.

(Getty Images)’

PS: I wonder if our dog, Button, is looking up to us and saying, “why are you people at home all day — why aren’t you out there getting me dog food.”

The Only Snow Video Posted on the Internet Today

Button in the Snow Video

(NOTE: In the next paragraph, change “feet” to “inches” for more accurate  measurement. I’m factoring in inflation for when the snow of 2016 is talked about in the future.) 

This is the only snow video posted on the internet today by me related to the great blizzard of 2016, the greatest snowfall of all time (until the next one), Nashville received six feet of snow. In DC and New York, they received more than 100 feet of snow, each.