Remembering Katrina: And thoughts on why Twitter is not a blog shrunk down to “micro-” size

Tweet I can’t go through these few days each year without thinking back to 2005 and how I anticipated Katrina approaching the gulf coast leading up to August 29 and then gradually realized the severity of what was taking place. By reviewing my blog posts, I can see that even I did not understand how […]

A year of Katrina blog posts

Tweet Photo: One year after Katrina, a house in New Orleans’ 9th Ward. [Credit: K. Hammock, August 20, 2006.] A year of Katrina blog posts: One year ago, at 8:45 a.m. on August 28, 2005, I made my first Katrina-related post: “New Orleans mandatory evacuation”. As I’ve explained before, I’ve followed hurricanes on this weblog […]

What is New Orleans’ future?

Tweet What is New Orleans’ future? The Sunday NY Times has a story that captures that confusing place where debates often lead. Quote: “At one edge of this city’s future are the extravagant visions of its boosters…At the other extreme are the gloomy predictions of the pessimists….Somewhere between these unrealistic visions lies a glimpse of […]

New Orleans is open

Tweet New Orleans is open: On Flickr, I’ve posted some photos from the Louisiana Cookin‘ Magazine’s 2006 Chefs to Watch benefit dinner Monday night in New Orleans. As this will likely be my last New Orleans-visit post, I also want to point to this AP story and stress what it points out: The part of […]