The Optimization of ‘Huh?’

TweetA national organization comprised of marketing executives just sent me and thousands more (I guess) an email inviting me to watch an online presentation they are hosting. The title of the presentation starts: “Orchestrating Optimal Interactions…” There were lots more words in the presentation title, but I couldn’t make it past those first three. Shouldn’t […]

‘I Want to Know’ Moments & ‘I Want to Buy’ Moments

TweetOn Hammock’s Idea Blog, we’re discussing the two types of customer moments that marketers should prepare for by developing “content assets.” It’s similar to a concept in Hammock’s eBook Content Along the Customer Journey. Rather than thinking that marketing with content is a series of posts, tweets, likes, consider all the way content assests can […]

Actual Good Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Tweet Some people celebrate Amazon’s Prime Day by trying to be funny in tweets with the hashtag #PrimeDay or #PrimeDayFail. Once in a while they are funny. But mostly, they are ham-fisted, profane and goofy. Once in awhile, the Amazon deal is actually a good deal. Here are the best places to look for good stuff. […]