Employment Trends in Newspaper Publishing and Other Media, 1990–2016

TweetFrom the U.S. Labor Department, Bureau of Labor Statistics 458,000 | 1990 | People employed in newspaper publishing industry 183,000 | 2016 | People employed in newspaper publishing industry 30,000 | 1990 | People employed in internet publishing and broadcasting 198,000 | 2016 | People employed in internet publishing and broadcasting Quote from Bureau of […]

Great Idea: Don’t just sell cookware when customers want you to help them become a better cook

TweetOn the Hammock Blog, there’s a post that’s a web-version of the current edition of The Idea Email. It’s inspired by all the ways the retailer Williams-Sonoma uses different forms of customer media and content that demonstrates the company’s understanding that “buying more pots and pans” is not what their customers are seeking — becoming […]

My predictions for the future of print magazines

TweetOn the Hammock blog, a post I wrote was added this morning that outlines 14 predictions I have for print magazines. It’s rather long, but I felt the need to collect several threads into one post. Several of the themes will sound familiar to the 12 readers of RexBlog. Quote: “I’ve found that doubts about […]

Marco Arment’s Master Plan to Revolutionize the Future of Publishing

TweetActually, Marco, the developer of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper, says he doesn’t have a plan, nor is his new creation, The Magazine, a model for “how it’s done.” Quote: “A publication’s app should be designed and built with purpose and consideration. The Magazine works because I based decisions not on what everyone else was doing, but […]

Anticipate what customers will think, before they think it

TweetWe learned this morning that Ray Bradbury, one of the most prolific and influential writers (I didn’t use the term “science fiction” purposefully) of the past century, passed away yesterday at the age of 91. It is now about 1 p.m. CDT and news about his death appears on the front of most of the […]