The more words I use, the less I’m understood.

In his book, Worm: The First Digital World War, Mark Bowden describes a phenomenon called “The Glaze” that “every geek has experienced” when talking about technology with a lay person: The unmistakable look of profound confusion and uninterest that descends whenever a conversation turns to the inner workings of a computer.

A similar thing happens to people when I start talking with them about, well, lots of things (especially with co-members of my immediate family).

I guess that’s why I’ve been trying to brush up on my sketching and drawing lately. Less words, less seeing “The Glaze.” Here, let me draw you a picture, is what I’m going to say when I start seeing “The Glaze.”

Below, there is a sketch of a bicycle. I drew it on my iPad using a Cosmonaut Stylus
and the App, Paper, from the company, 53.

It’s just a quick sketch. It’s not even a metaphor.

It’s just practice for the next time I see The Glaze.

At least, if The Glaze is when I’m talking about a bicycle.