I’d rather have lots of next small things than one next big thing

Tweet[Note: The following post is intended for people who actually read what it says, not for those who don’t read it, but feel the need to react to what they think it says.] Obviously, I love internet-enabled technology and startups and am overly (obsessively?) fascinated by how the internet is changing our lives, jobs, relationships, […]

Except for all the other times, now’s the best or worst time to start a small business

TweetRecently a writer for a national magazine (that’s not about business) interviewed me for a story he was working on about starting a small business. As such interviews usually end up getting whittled down to a sentence quote from me, I thought I’d post the long version of what I said, as it captures several […]

A little less talk and a lot more action

Tweet When most people hear there is a government agency backing bank loans for small businesses, they think, “wow, that’s sure a nice thing the government is doing — supporting small businesses.” However, anyone who owns a small business who has sought such a loan knows this reality: An SBA loan is one of those […]

Five Reasons Domains Are Still Important

Tweet This post, including the title, is my reaction to a blog post from Evan Williams, titled, Five Reasons Domains Are Getting Less Important. Ironically, I agree with everything he writes, except one: the title. So this isn’t a negative reaction, or even a disagreement with what he writes. Just that title. He should have […]