Three things I’ve learned from blogging for the past 15 years

TweetThese things also come from just being around for a lot longer than 15 years. I post them today after seeing reports of a controversy that is strange, only because it’s in Nashville, my home for the past four decades. Dueling tech conference organizers are quite common in other places. While I am not attending […]

Amazon Dash: Reinventing the Cuecat, 2014

TweetStarting over ten years ago, a long-running joke on this blog has been my fascination with (and mockery of) the recurring need inventors (including those who work for huge technology companies) have to re-invent the Cuecat. For those who don’t recognize the term Cuecat as the punchline of a joke, I suggest a rapid glance […]

What You Think You Know About Anything Is Typically Both Right Wrong

Tweet(Note: This is a wonkish marketing/media related post. It started out as a comment, but grew into a blog post. If, even after being warned that it’s marketing/media wonkishness, you still want to read it, this post will make a great deal more sense if, for context, you read the essay linked below.) “What You […]

How I got hacked while using public wifi by the worst salesman ever

Tweet(Updated to add some context of the hack the person used. See also, the note at the end of the post.) Last night at a neighborhood sports bar, I learned personally a valuable lesson about using a public wifi hotspot–a lesson I already knew theoretically. The lesson is, “don’t use a public wifi hotspot.” However, […]