Twitter, Please Unsuspend Me (Update)

Update: Thanks Twitter for un-suspending me and explaining what happened. (See bottom of post.)

Update 2: August 8, 2019 I have been suspended again. And again for the same reason. Please, Twitter. 


Dear Twitter,

For almost a month, you have suspended my one-letter Twitter account, @R .

I have used that Twitter account since 2006 and it has over 18,700 Tweets.

I am certain that no where among those tweets will you find any content that breaks any Twitter rule.

I have another account, @SmallBusiness where I try to help small business owners use Twitter and other technology to support their businesses.

I don’t know what to tell them now. Something like, “You should never use an advertising platform than can arbitrarily suspend you?”

I do appreciate that I can still see my account, even though no one else can.

(If you’ve ever wondered what a suspended account looks like to the person suspended, you can see one on the right.)

For reasons I don’t understand, my appeals have been denied. (Previous suspensions have resulted in apologies from Twitter.)

Other than the broad term “violating Twitter rules,” there has been no specific reasons given for my accounts suspension.

But I can assure you, I’ve never violated any of the broad “rules” reasons

And I can assure you that I have tried every method in your Help Center to reach out to you.

I’ve received only canned responses and a continuation of the suspension.

I can’t reach a Twitter human being to discuss the reason.

I have sent my phone number as part of my appeal, but have not received any calls.

I understand that millions of tweets are posted each hour.

But still.

Your suspended friend,


Update 2:

Your bots have done it again. Can you please help?

Here’s what you sent me last time.