Techmeme receives a love letter from the New York Times

I’ve tried many times over the years to kick my habit of checking in numerous times a day to see what’s on Techmeme. I’ve always failed. Because I was an early fan of Gabe Rivera and his approach to aggregating and ranking news (and rumors) that are trending on the corner of the web where […]

Why do I blog? So people will meet in the comments, fall in love and get married

A few years ago, when a couple told me they first met one-another through comments they posted on this blog, I was dumbfounded for two reasons: 1. Because this is more a “personal” blog than a “topical” blog, the “community of commenters” tends to be small and tightly focused. 2. As far as I know, […]

Things I keep learning about magazines (and much more) by blogging

If you’re attending,my session is next Wednesday. Next Wednesday, I’m speaking in Toronto at MagNet, the annual conference jointly produced by a several organizations related to the magazine industry in Canada. (I wonder why such groups in the U.S. can’t coordinate their events like that?) In a courageous unwitting mysterious inspired move by the organizers, […]