Black Friday Comparison RexLinks: Kayne Edition

Since that whole Taylor Swift incident revealed to the rest of us (anyone who is not under the age 30 or is not a fan of his) just how bizarre Kayne West is, I thought his album released this week would be a good comparison for Black Friday sales. Here are some comparison links: […]

Sunday RexLinks: A startup bubble? A Jobs-Murdoch news app? Don’t believe everything you read

If there’s a theme in today’s links, it’s this: Come on people. Just because you read something via the internets don’t make it so. The Shadow Scholar | The Chronicle of Higher Education – A first person story written by an academic paper ghost writer. Warning: This is not going to make you feel good […]

Saturday morning RexLinks: Tiny Bubbles?

[RexLinks are items I run-across, and bookmark, using Google Reader] If you’ve been following my RexLinks experiment, you perhaps have noticed I’m not posting them automatically. Rather, I’m choosing to wait until I can add a little bit of context and commentary (no, wait, let’s call it “curation”) to them. If you just can’t wait […]