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RexLinks 11.16.10: Jim Henson, Copy-Right & Wrong, Get off My Lawn

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  • Jim Henson’s Time Piece [1965] – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this puppet-less short that received an Oscar nomination. Thanks, YouTube.
  • Geeks and Tweaks: What Computer Programming Contests Can Teach Us About Innovation | – Key quote: “We should consider changing copyright to make it more like patent. If you improve my novel — say, by reworking it into an appealing screenplay — then you should be able to publish what you’ve done, so long as your changes are substantial. But I should also get paid for what I’ve contributed. In short, we should have a system where the Tweaker’s work also benefits the Pioneer.”
  • Internet bloggers’ uncrafted output completely self-serving | – Confession: It makes me nostalgic for 2004 when I read such a rant as this, from a Vandy profess of philosophy, against blogs. The more he rants, the more I want to give him a hug, pat him on the back, and say: “You know this is going to end up being posted on the Tennessean’s Reader Opinion Blog, don’t you?” My favorite line from it is this, “Mun­dane expe­ri­ences, inco­her­ent reflec­tions and igno­rant the­o­ries can be adver­tised to the world.” Yes, that about sums up my blog.

RexLinks (Weekend Version)

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RexLinks for November 12th

RexLinks are items I’ve bookmarked to share on Google Reader during the past 24 hours:

RexLinks for November 10th through November 12th

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  • The Madoff Auction – You, too, can own a piece of historic hubris.
  • 'Hulu for Magazines' launching early 2011, but only for Android | All Things Digital – Only inside players know what the metaphor "Hulu for Magazines" means. And the marketshare of "pad" devices that are Android is less than 5% and most of the magazine apps I've purchased are bloated versions of 1980-ish CD-ROM ideas. So, bottomline, I'd say this is not going to give them much leverage in their discussions with Apple.
  • Rumor: iOS 4.2 delayed until, maybe, next week | TUAW – Months ago, Steve Jobs said "November is the month" that iOS 4 will reach the iPad. Not that it's going to change my life any, but I've become very fond of such features as "folders" on the iPhone. If I didn't have that iOS 4 experience to compare it to, I wouldn't notice them missing from the iPad. And I wouldn't have marked the last day of November on my calendar with the message, "Where's my iPad iOS?"
  • Instapaper 2.3 for iPhone and iPad released – I'm working on a post about how the iPad has changed some of my long-held beliefs about my personal interaction with "screen media." Instapaper, more than anything else, has radically changed some longheld beliefs and my personal content "flow."
  • Facebook Building a $450 Million Data Center in NC | AOL/TechCrunch – The story says, when completed, it will employ 35-45 full-time and contract employees. I'm curious about the math a state economic development group would need to crunch to come up with the ROI on any incentives used to entice Facebook to locate the facility in NC. Yes, there are construction jobs, but those will vanish in 18 months. A facility that employs 35-45 full-time and contract employees is equivalent to the number of people employed at, say, a Barnes & Noble.
  • ESPN’s Skipper: iPad is not print’s savior | Jon Friedman's Media Web – MarketWatch – As I've asked many times, ever since the first wave of "savior talk" started, how can a digital device save print? I mean, it's digital and print is paper. So, well, I'm confused. In the story, it does use the term "the media business" instead of print, but still. It's just an iPad.
  • Realistic Superhero Funeral | CollegeHumor video – From my young friend, Caldwell Tanner, comes this animated short that asks the question, "How 'come super heros who get killed by Rex Ruthless always find a way to not be dead?" (Three words: More Rex Ruthless!)

Note: This is the final installment of a test (or, rexperiment) in which I’ve been searching for a good solution to collect (or, “aggregate”) into one blog post, the links I bookmark for sharing (or, “curate”) during a 24-hour period (or, day). As I’m a user of Google Reader, I was eager to find a way to use the “Note in Reader” feature it has. I’ll be posting later some of the hackery one must go through, when trying to do this using Google Reader (e.g., I wanted an RSS feed and while Google Reader Share generates an RSS feed, unless you’re willing to dig (or guess), you’d be hard-pressed to find it, as it’s not labeled — see the screen-grab below of this page.) I’m stopping the test because I’m happy (for now) with the WordPress plug-in Postalicious that I’ve gotten to do what I wanted. I’ll explain why, how and some suggestions on using it in a later post.

Screengrab: Google Reader “Shared Items” generates both an RSS feed and an Atom Feed.
This screengrab shows where you can find them.