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If you feel depressed, you are not doomed

Today, Trey Pennington, a popular blogger in the community of social media marketers committed suicide.

In response to this tragic event, Bridget Pilloud wrote her personal encounter with facing the choice of suicide — and how someone saved her life by saying:

If you decide to kill yourself, understand that you are dooming your two-year-old to always wonder what was so wrong with him that you chose to kill yourself instead of being his mother.”

If anything positive can come of today’s tragic event, it will be in people like Bridget sharing their experience — and inspiring others to realize that suicide is not the answer.

I can’t do much, but I can at least point a link to what Bridget has to say and hope that it might help people find her post if they are facing such an abyss and are looking for inspiration — or just some hope:

“If you feel depressed, you are not doomed.  You can stop feeling depressed. And not feeling depressed feels damn good.”

If you have a blog, you may also want to consider linking to her post:

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