Bicycle Commuting Calculator

How to save $2,000 in commuting and parking expense each year.

For the past five or so years, the phrase “transportation and fun (but not exercise*)” has been my standard answer to the question, “Why do you commute to work on your bike”?
After checking out this Kiplinger “bike commuting calculator,”** I’ve decided to add, “to save $2,000 a year” to the list.
*I’ve found that calling something “exercise” sucks all the joy out of it.
**While their methodology for calculating upkeep and bike depreciation seems accurate, they don’t include the cost of the baseball (or playing) cards you’ll need to motorize the back wheel spokes of your bike. Confused? See: “spokecard” ( Gallery of 500+ spoke cards: (

The Only Snow Video Posted on the Internet Today

Button in the Snow Video

(NOTE: In the next paragraph, change “feet” to “inches” for more accurate  measurement. I’m factoring in inflation for when the snow of 2016 is talked about in the future.) 

This is the only snow video posted on the internet today by me related to the great blizzard of 2016, the greatest snowfall of all time (until the next one), Nashville received six feet of snow. In DC and New York, they received more than 100 feet of snow, each.