How to fix the annoying way your iPad drops the wifi signal of a Sprint Overdrive

Thank you, James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun for posting the fix for an annoying problem I’ve had with my iPad when trying to use it with with a recently acquired Sprint Overdrive, a “mobile wifi” device. I italicize trying because the dropped wifi signal was occurring so often, it made accessing the web with the iPad […]

Check out MapQuest Local

Because it’s MapQuest, a site you forgot was there unless you’re that guy who works from bookmarks made in 1998 (or maybe you remember it was mentioned in Lazy Sunday), I doubt many people are going to check out the site’s new “local pages.” (Here’s a link to the generic URL, so be impressed […]

Khoi Vinh’s ‘low-tech’ iPhone subway maps

Google maps on the iPhone is incredibly useful. However, at times, there are things it just doesn’t map: like the New York subway system, for example. Hats off to Khoi Vinh for coming up with clever hack to solving this dilemma for someone like me, who uses the subway on my frequent visits to New […]