Blog posts I didn’t write in 2010

[End of the Day by Pensiero, on Flickr; CC 2.0] In a notebook using the service/software Evernote, I collect ideas for possible blog posts. Rarely do these ideas make it into posts. They turn out to be just thoughts or observations. Some get tweeted. Some, I’ll share via Google Reader. Most get cleared out — […]

Confessions of a MacBook Touch rumor monger

Alan Kay (who I’ll get back to in a moment) is credited with a great quote: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” I’ll add to what Alan said: The second best way is to keep predicting it until someone else gets around to inventing it. And the third best way […]

What happens when Apple responds to the Amazon Kindle?

I must say, I’m beginning to admire Henry Blodget for his unabashed willingness to ignore any irony others might see in his analytical posts about, like this one that looks at Citi analyst Mark Mahaney’s report that the Amazon Kindle could be a $750 million iPod-like franchise in a couple of years. … However, I stand by my earlier prediction — and this is where I find a flaw in Mahaney’s analysis: Apple won’t stand still and let Amazon have this market all to itself.

How to rip a DVD to iTunes/iPod – legally

Via, comes news (I guess it’s “news” that the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal are reporting what every Apple rumor site has been saying for weeks) that Apple will announce a rental option for some video purchased via the iTunes Store. However, there’s a new twist to the report today: At least one […]

More on the Kindle vs. a hypothetical Apple device

There have been lots of good comments on my week-old post about the Amazon Kindle vs. a possible larger-format iPod Touch. Today, Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers (the sixth largest trade book publisher in America and the world’s largest publisher of Bibles and books for the Christian market) comments that Apple may now […]