Confessions of a MacBook Touch rumor monger

Alan Kay (who I’ll get back to in a moment) is credited with a great quote: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” I’ll add to what Alan said: The second best way is to keep predicting it until someone else gets around to inventing it. And the third best way […]

Your address book is your social network

The Important Part: The people at Facebook describe your list of “friends” (contacts) as being your “social-graph.” Others use the term “social network” to describe in broad terms, your network of connections with other people. Chances are, you call that list of connections your “address book.” In the previous century, you may have called it […]

Dear Jeff, Please fix and, oh yeah, make the Kindle stop hating Mac users

Here’s some big news for audiobook listeners (I’m one): Amazon has announced this morning they are buying If you’re an audiobook listener, you probably already know that Audible serves as the back-end for audiobook downloads for Apple’s iTunes Store. However, as I’ve said on this blog before, it’s crazy to purchase audiobooks via the […]

iFlickr – and comparing the iMac 2007 to the Mac 1984

Via Engadget, today’s Steve Jobs Show reveals some new thinner, sleeker iMacs. Also, a .Mac feature called .Mac Web Gallery that marries “.Mac and iPhoto” — iPhoto “08” has some enhancements also. Jobs says, according to Engadget, that “users will get a rich Web 2.0 experience.” (ugh). As I am a long-time .Mac subscriber who […]