Time.com has a new-do

Time.com is adding blog and RSS feeds today, says Mark Walsh of MediaPost.com. Of course, since Anna Marie Cox and Andrew Sullivan are as close to blog pioneers as people come, I’m a little confused on the suggestion that blogs are something new. As for that matter, I’ve been getting RSS feeds from Time for a long time. I think it’s great the’re doing some new things (Anna Marie Cox’s new blog, for example) — and placing more emphasis on the timliness of Time.com, but “adding blogs” and “RSS” is not the something new. How they use them will be something big, if they follow through. From a magazine historical perspective, moving the publishing date from Monday to Friday is the headline story.

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Ask and it shall be given

Last night, I ran into Folio: magazine publisher Tony Silber and started whining (again) that their new blog didn’t have an RSS feed. He said, “we’re adding one” and then, like magic, it appeared. Thanks, Tony. And I guess I should also thank the rexblog reader who decided to become the Folio: blog’s “exclusive sponsor.” (I’m a little confused about the exact URL of the Folio: blog, but here’s a link to its archive.) Also, Steve Ennen is blogging on the ABM’s blog about the meeting I’m attending. (So I don’t have to?) Actually, I’m sitting in the back of the room with Doug Shore being entertained by his quips.

Magazines & blogging explored in February Folio:

Magazines & blogging explored in February Folio: Folio: Magazine takes a look at the whole blogging thing and what it might mean for magazines. Unlike the interview today on the public radio show, Marketplace, in this article, I actually make sense.

Unlike that radio quote, this is how I really talk:

“If magazines wade into blogging thinking it’s just like magazines or a Web site, they’ll discover how unfun life can be in Blogistan.”

Side note: My friend Cam Bishop is on the cover of the issue.