Techmeme receives a love letter from the New York Times

I’ve tried many times over the years to kick my habit of checking in numerous times a day to see what’s on Techmeme. I’ve always failed. Because I was an early fan of Gabe Rivera and his approach to aggregating and ranking news (and rumors) that are trending on the corner of the web where […]

Thanks, Gabe, there goes another chunk of my day

Gabe Rivera, the creator of the tech-news tracking service Techmeme, has launched another channel on his platform of human-influenced, news-trend sniffing algorithms. To technology, politics (Memorandum), celebrity gossip (WeSmirch) and baseball (BallBug), Gabe has now added a meme-tracking service that follows the business of media called MediaGazer. As much as I’m a fan of Techmeme […]

Talketh, Blogeth and Tweeteth like Shakespeare Day

Have your heard that today is Talk Like Shakespeare Day? You know those goofy Internet memes, those inside jokes or a new slang word or anything-about-Susan-Boyle that spreads around the web so quickly that everyone has heard about it before the end of the day? This isn’t quite one of those — yet. But I […]

In 2009, why not learn how to hack your own info-flow

(credit: I know how obsessed (at Hammock, we call it “passionate“) those trying to keep up with the latest geek news can be. Boy, do I know. But if you’re going be obsessed with tech news, you have no excuse for not using technology and techniques to help you organize the firehose of information […]

Techmeme’s algorithm now ‘officially’ includes an elf

Gabe Rivera has announced that Techmeme will be getting a little more “explicit” in the human-editing that takes place on the site. (For those who don’t follow these things — i.e., the vast majority of the world’s population — I highly recommend skipping this post, unless it’s late at night and you’re seeking relief from […]