Why Podcasting Is, Once Again, The Next Big Thing

Some of you may find this week’s Hammock Idea Email interesting. At the insistence of some pesky editors, I left out lots of the 10,000+ words I once wrote about podcasting. Also, as we like to keep these emails to 300 words, those¬†editors suggested that my discussion of the difference in podcasting and streaming audio […]

Happy “5th” Anniversary, Podcasting (well, not actually)

First off: Today is not actually the fifth anniversary of podcasting. Dave Winer had demo’d file enclosures distributed via RSS over three years earlier. In other words, RSS-enabled audio and video distribution was almost four years old, five years ago today. However, today is the 5th anniversary of Doc Searls writing a seminal post in […]

The beginning of the end of the Kindle?

For almost as long as there has been a Kindle, I’ve (somewhat jokingly) attempted to “outsource” my blogging on that topic to my friend Aaron Pressman. Aaron is a very professional journalist, but his Kindle-coverage has been as a personal blogger: he was the first Kindle “fan-boy” I knew and has kept me insightful on […]

Not another ‘digg’ at Sarah Lacy, merely a ‘how-not-to’ suggestion

Sorry if this appears like I’m continuing to pick on her, but this Sarah Lacy interview with the Digg guys is a good demo of how NOT to talk over someone you are interviewing — on-stage, on-video or on-audio. Perhaps you can do so while conducting an interview for something you are writing (I’d practice […]