Gee: Using a new GMail account from Google, the folks at Clickz subscribed to a few marketing-oriented e-mail newsletters. As the free e-mail service from Google includes text ads from their Adsense program, Clickz wanted to see what ads would show up. If you are a marketer who uses e-mail, you might not like what […]

Time blogs on

Time blogs on: Time Magazine has launched a weblog called Techno File. It’s their first I believe. It’s kept by Eric Roston who “gives a daily commentary on the technology that will carry us through tomorrow — and the stuff that keeps us stuck in yesterday.” Great start, but Eric needs to learn how to […]

Review the rexblog

Review the rexblog: I was checking out the A9 features mentioned in an earlier post when I discovered (was shocked?) that you can actually post a review of the rexblog on If you are one of the five regular readers of this weblog, please write one…and be kind. Also of interest, under the “people […]