Vaporzine update

Vaporzine update: VNU announced today it will launch Adweek’s Marketing y Medios, a monthly trade magazine covering marketing, media and advertising news for businesses targeting the U.S. Hispanic population. The English-language print publication and companion Web site will launch this September (thus, the vaporzine designation). The print edition of Adweek’s Marketing y Medios will provide analysis and insight supported by news and data on the Web site.

More on Amazon’s A9 and collaborative filtering

a9More on Amazon’s A9 and collaborative filtering: Chris Sherman, associate editor of Search Engine Watch, takes a look at A9 and while he doesn’t link to my previous post raising the topic, he addresses the collaborative filtering potential I discussed then.

Highlights from Chris:

Another interesting feature in search results is the “site info” button. Mouse over this button and you’ll see a pop-up window with information about the web site provided from Amazon subsidiary Alexa, including traffic rank, number of sites that link to the site, speed, and how long the site has been online.

You’ll also see the collaborative filtering process that Amazon does so well with products on its own sites, “connecting the dots” between users. “People who visit this page also visit” shows you the top three sites that Alexa toolbar users have also visited.

For the time being, A9 does not use this collaborative filtering to influence or alter the Google results it displays, though it certainly may in the future.

So, for the record, my early prediction that one day we will see the Amazon’s amazing collaborative filtering skills incorporated into A9 search results, is in the “certainly may in the future” category.

I will, for the record, state that I believe those collaborative filtering algorithms are currently running in the background and that “in the future” is conceivably not too far off. Why should it be?

Earth Day magazine post

Earth Day magazine post: In honor of Earth Day, this weblog would like to point to a Seattle Times profile of the quarterly magazine (“well, stapled newsletter”) Frugal Environmentalist, “that explores Earth-friendly ways of doing things without spending a lot of money.”


Lisa Farino and Peter Luyckx, who moved to Seattle from Vermont in November, are working on the 20-page magazine’s sixth issue, which will offer advice on staying cool in the summer, reducing your contribution to smog, and cooking with summer crops such as the blessed tomato and ubiquitous zucchini.

Speaking of Earth Day, here is a link to a web-tool found on my blogroll of magazine resources that lets publishers calculate how many trees are used in the production of their magazines. Also, in honor of Earth Day, I will link to a site where you can download fact-sheets from the paper industry.

Magazine launch news

Magazine launch news: Victory Media Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA- based publishing firm, today announced it has launched a new magazine aimed at the nation’s veteran-owned businesses. According to the company’s press release, “Veterans Business Journal is the first-of-its-kind national magazine serving the unique needs and opportunities of small business owners who are veterans of the U.S. military.” The magazine’s initial circulation is 30,000 (with plans to grow to 150,000) and it appears to be targeting advertisers among federal agencies and contractors seeking veteran-owned vendors.

Sad news

Sad news: I briefly met Dr. Stuart Bullion last year at a conference held at the University of Mississippi where he was the chairman of the Department of Journalism. I mentioned having a wonderful conversation with him on this weblog as he and I share an interest in the Finnish communications theorist, Osmo Wiio. Yesterday, Dr. Bullion died after a six month battle with cancer. I would like to extend my sympathies Dr. Bullion’s family to the students and faculty at Ole Miss. Rexblog friend Samir Husni is serving as acting chair of the department.