I think my RSS news reader is smarter than your Al Gore rhythm

(Sidenote: On SmallBusiness.com, I’ve written about the new Getty embed feature like the one I’ve posted above.) The Verge has an interesting take on the acquisition earlier this week of the mobile app owned by CNN,┬áZite,┬áby Flipboard, another app that does the same thing as Zite, but differently and with greater success (apparently). Here’s a […]

Flipboard: The product is great, the hyperbole is grating

Flipboard is a creative and beautifully crafted iPad app that performs something you can do dozens of ways (use RSS, APIs of Twitter and Facebook, et al and content scraped from websites to deliver a flow of news and information), but Flipboard does it in a new and beautiful way: in a graphically rich, smartly […]

Facebook goes River of News

For a few people who are obsessed with the way content flows from creator to consumer (to use a food metaphor), today is a rather interesting day. It’s the day when a concept that started out being called an RSS news reader — and specifically, a concept called “River of News” — goes as mainstream […]

Happy “5th” Anniversary, Podcasting (well, not actually)

First off: Today is not actually the fifth anniversary of podcasting. Dave Winer had demo’d file enclosures distributed via RSS over three years earlier. In other words, RSS-enabled audio and video distribution was almost four years old, five years ago today. However, today is the 5th anniversary of Doc Searls writing a seminal post in […]

A blog post from me-to-you in ‘real-time’

[via: ReadWriteWeb.com]: “All blogs on the WordPress.com platform and any WordPress.org blogs that opt-in will now make instant updates available to any RSS readers subscribed to a new feature called RSSCloud. There is currently only one RSS aggregator that supports RSSCloud, Dave Winer’s brand-new reader River2. That will probably change very soon.” By “change very […]