Hints for creating small business and non-profit Twitter Lists

[Notes: You can view all my “Thoughts on Twitter” posts displayed chronologically here: http://www.RexBlog.com/thoughts-on-twitter.] During the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a few minutes each day creating Twitter Lists as part of a set of directories on SmallBusiness.com (a wiki) called the Small Business Twitter Lists Project. Currently, the project involves creating (or finding) […]

An important lesson in business success: Use your product

[Note: I am going to start doing more small business related posts here. When I do, I’m going to add relevant links to the wiki-model resource SmallBusiness.com, which, as a matter of disclosure, is owned by Hammock Inc.] TechCrunch posted a Q&A transcript in which Twitter founder Biz Stone said the following: Q: What was […]

A fun Google Maps experimental tourist tool that could grow up to be a valuable work tool

The best feature of the experimental Google Maps City Tours may nowbe the “remove” button. But with some time and tweaks,this could be a great sight seeing — or business planning — tool. Via Seach Engine Land and Steve Rubel comes word of a new Google Labs experimental project called City Tours (http://citytours.googlelabs.com/search). And by […]

Dell joins Facebook to friend small businesses

Today, Dell’s Small & Media Business (SMB) online marketing group launched a Facebook “community and guide” (translation: page) designed to help educate small business owners on “how to harness the power of social media to reach and serve their customers.” Dell is calling the Facebook “community and guide” Social Media for Small Business.   According […]

Is Google a black hole for companies it acqhires?

On May 11, 2005, I first used the term “acqhire” and was so amused with myself that I appended the post to define it: “When a large company ‘purchases’ a small company with no employees other than its founders, typically to obtain some special talent or a cool concept.” That post was about Google, then […]