Panel proposals you missed on the SXSW Panel Picker

As there are 2,221 proposals on the “Panel Picker” for next March’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival, perhaps you’ve missed these: We Just Saw Robert Scoble: A panel of SXSW attendees who just saw Robert Scoble share their thoughts on seeing Robert Scoble. SXSW Was Better Before You Started Coming: A panel of people who […]

SrexSW: The real reason to attend chaotic mass gatherings

SXSW is like Twitter. Chaotic, confusing and hard to get because everyone explains it by how they use or experience it — and everyone uses and experiences it differently. I’ve come to the “interactive” part of SXSW for five years and, frankly, I’ve grown more and more confused and conflicted about it each year. For […]

SrexSW: The Twitter of SXSW 2009 is Twitter

Now this is hilarious. Daniel Terdiman at CNET wrote that Twitter users attending South by Southwest Interactive are complaining of the overload and noise caused by everyone who is attending the event using the “hastage sxsw” (#swsx) on anything they “tweet” on Twitter. (I’m using the #sxsw tag on my Twitter quips that can be […]

Not another ‘digg’ at Sarah Lacy, merely a ‘how-not-to’ suggestion

Sorry if this appears like I’m continuing to pick on her, but this Sarah Lacy interview with the Digg guys is a good demo of how NOT to talk over someone you are interviewing — on-stage, on-video or on-audio. Perhaps you can do so while conducting an interview for something you are writing (I’d practice […]