Marthette vultures update

marthettesMarthette vultures update: From today, we learn more about the previously blogged Marthette vulturezine from Hachette:

Hachette President and CEO Jack Kliger was pleased to land the popular designer, who had been among several personalities being mentioned as candidates to launch a magazine, particularly with Martha Stewart Living suffering an ad drought since Stewart was implicated in a stock scandal that eventually led to her prison sentence.

So I guess this means, well, Candice Olson has been voted off the island (following quote from September, 2004):

“Now, just as Stewart prepares to head to jail for five months, Hachette Filipacchi has made a move that could possibly contribute to establishing the next Martha, as they have hired Home and Garden Television personality and interior designer Candice Olson as a contributing editor for both Woman’s Day and Home magazine. Olson hosts the popular “Divine Design with Candice Olson,” on HGTV, which features a drab room or space being transformed into something more contemporary….It will be interesting to see how Hachette will use Olson’s brand image and influence if this new content is received well, given that Stewart is out of the public eye for several months. Martha Stewart Living has lost advertisers and readers steadily since her demise, and some of her ex-readers may be seeking home advice elsewhere.

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By the way, the Reuters article previoiusly blogged said the name of the magazine would be, “Chris Madden.” As MediaPost says it is not named, here’s my suggestion: Mad(den) Magazine. Also, would it not have more more timely had this magazine been launced at the depths of Miss Stewart’s fortunes. The magazine will now be launched smack dab in the middle of her triumphal redemption, already predicted to be the media circus of the year.

Long shot?

Long shot? The anonymous vaporzine scout is gloating over scooping me on news about the upcoming launch of All In Magazine that appeared in Paul Colford’s column (although, I note that the rexblog beat Colford by several weeks on that item (scroll down) regarding Wired Test). Here are some classic start-up quotes from the founder of All In:

“We expect to be the fastest-growing magazine in 2005,” he told the Daily News yesterday, saying he’ll guarantee advertisers a circulation of 150,000 by February. “We believe we’ll reach more than 500,000 copies next year, in terms of acquiring new subscriptions,” he added. ( Bhu) Srinivasan is counting on the surge in poker-playing shows on TV, starting with the Bravo channel’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” to help boost interest in his mag.

If any of this post rings a bell with longtime rexblog readers (now there’s an oxymoron for you: longtime rexblog readers), it’s because one of the classic vaporzines (besides Radar) I have blogged for years is the long-ago announced gambling concept magazine called (and I’d like to thank them for leaving a memorial website) JAQK.