Marthette vultures update

Marthette vultures update: From today, we learn more about the previously blogged Marthette vulturezine from Hachette: Hachette President and CEO Jack Kliger was pleased to land the popular designer, who had been among several personalities being mentioned as candidates to launch a magazine, particularly with Martha Stewart Living suffering an ad drought since Stewart […]

Age zero?

Age zero? On the vaporzine news front, Disney Publishing Worldwide, publisher of Family Fun and Disney Adventures, is preparing to launch a new quarterly title in 2006 named Wondertime. The magazine will be targeted to Moms with children ages 0 to 6, focusing on early childhood learning. (source:

Long shot?

Long shot? The anonymous vaporzine scout is gloating over scooping me on news about the upcoming launch of All In Magazine that appeared in Paul Colford’s column (although, I note that the rexblog beat Colford by several weeks on that item (scroll down) regarding Wired Test). Here are some classic start-up quotes from the founder […]