The coming demise of ‘social media’ (the term, that is)

Despite using it in our company’s marketing material (hey, we know a thing or two about search and marketing), I don’t like the term “social media.” I dislike it for the same reason I never liked the term “Web 2.0.” As I wrote in a 2005 blog post, “When a term starts to mean everything, […]

Why do so many people care what Robert Scoble does?

Robert Scoble is leaving FastCompany.TV , he writes. While I don’t view many of Robert’s video posts (there are only so many hours in a day), I’m one of the bazillion people who feel as if we’re in a never-ending conversation with him. I know there are some people from my off-line life (a place […]

In 2009, why not learn how to hack your own info-flow

(credit: I know how obsessed (at Hammock, we call it “passionate“) those trying to keep up with the latest geek news can be. Boy, do I know. But if you’re going be obsessed with tech news, you have no excuse for not using technology and techniques to help you organize the firehose of information […]

The only secret of Web 2.0 marketing you’ll ever need

For as long as the term “Web 2.0” has existed, I have resisted using it. My reason? I’ve repeated it often: When a term means anything, it means nothing. And for as long as it has existed, Web 2.0 has meant whatever was trendy during that period of time. The only thing that all those […]

Web 2.0 Bust arrives — finally. Say goodbye and get to work on the next great thing.

[Note: This post is generating a little more traffic than normal, so I need to encourage you to actually read what this post says, before reacting to the subject line. I remain a true-believer in many of the actual approaches that the regrettable label Web 2.0 is hung upon. But I think the label Web […]