The web is a place. This blog is me.

Recently, I read a post by Alexandra Samuel that appeared on the Harvard Business Review’s website. While the subject line started off, “10 Reasons…”, something I doubt she ever starts an “IRL” (in real life) conversation with, the rest of the subject line has stuck with me since first reading it: …”Stop Apologizing for Your […]

Techmeme receives a love letter from the New York Times

I’ve tried many times over the years to kick my habit of checking in numerous times a day to see what’s on Techmeme. I’ve always failed. Because I was an early fan of Gabe Rivera and his approach to aggregating and ranking news (and rumors) that are trending on the corner of the web where […]

A WordPress plugin for adding the Facebook Like button to your blog

[Note: This post is rated: Geek.] While I know in doing so, I’m supporting Facebook’s march towards turning the “social” part of the internet into a corporate-state, I nonetheless decided to add a Facebook “like” button to each post on RexBlog so I could understand what life will be like in the future when we […]

Kids aren’t DNA-level digital natives and “best selling” eBooks are free — but you knew that

In the past few moments, I’ve been reminded of how distorted my view can become when I limit my beliefs to the reality I find from the firehose of news and information that floods forth from the RSS/Twitter sources I have set up. In that world, people have already back-lashed against technology and techniques that […]