Does Wikipedia deserve to be among the decade’s top ten works of journalism?

Working my way through a backlog of newsfeeds from the past week, I ran across a blog post on by Greg Beato called, “Where’s Wikipedia in NYU’s list of the decade’s top journalism?” While he doesn’t make a convincing argument that Wikipedia belongs on the NYU list (it was a list of top journalism, […]

You don’t get Wikipedia, so stop trying

For years, I’ve been reading that Wikipedia is dying. (Of course, on the internet, anything successful attracts an “is dying” movement.) Today, there’s a Wall Street Journal article that does a half-way decent job of glancing at the history of the site, but does so under a headline that suggests “volunteers are abandoning the site” […]

WatchKnow: How teachers (and parents) can find short, online educational videos

WatchKnow sounds like a great idea for teachers — and parents. It’s a “non-profit community” devoted to creating a directory of cataloged, sorted and rated videos that teachers can use. Nice touch: A search function that allows teachers to filter the search by age-appropriateness. The idea of developing an “educational video encyclopedia” started in 2007, […]

My Wiki 101 presentation from Barcamp Nashville

Typically, my presentation “slides” are meaningless without me narrating them. They illustrate what I’m talking about, so if I’m not talking, well, you’d have to make up your own story to go along with them. However, several people asked if I’d post this presentation from yesterday’s Barcamp Nashville, so last night, I created the “annotated” […]